Getting Here

Airlines and Airports

If you're flying, you can get to Cozumel one of two ways:

Fly into Cozumel

The airport in Cozumel is small, but well-run and efficient. Going through customs is quick and getting to and from the airport is simple via taxi, private car, and/or a shuttle.

There are a few airlines that have direct flights to Cozumel from the United States and Canada, and many more that offer connections through various cities in the US, Mexico, and Europe. 

It is important to note that taxis are not allowed to make pickups at the airport – only drop-offs. So unfortunately, when you arrive at the airport on the island, you can only take a taxi to your rental property if you walk outside the airport to grab one. (If you choose to do this, follow the oval service road to the roundabout just outside the airport area. Here, you can catch cabs for less than half the price of an airport van). For taxi vans at the airport, exit the customs area. You will see an airport van ticket booth to your right. Rates vary based on distance and whether you share a van with someone else or choose to take your own. Once you have your tickets, exit through the doors in front of the ticket booth and go to the vans parked outside.

Fly into Cancun

During the busy winter tourist season (November - March) and especially during holidays (American Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's), flights to Cozumel can be expensive, so flying into Cancun and taking the ferry to Cozumel is sometimes the more economical option.

Below we describe how to make that trip, which will take about 2 hours, and cost $12-$65, depending on your mode of transportation.

If you decide to fly into Cancun, book a return flight in the early afternoon. The airport in Cancun can sometimes get busy, you will need to arrive at least 2 hours early, and you will need to allow more time for your trip back from Cozumel.

Bus/Taxi from Cancun to Playa del Carmen


If you fly into Cancun, you will need to take a bus or taxi to Playa del Carmen (45 min), then the ferry to Cozumel (45 min). Getting to Playa del Carmen is easy and, if you take the bus, inexpensive. The buses are new, touring-type buses with a bathroom and in-route movie entertainment. We highly recommend this mode of transportation.

After you collect your baggage, ask any airport employee where the buses to Playa del Carmen are located. 

You can buy tickets for the bus from the porter, who has a little podium/stand next to where the buses are parked. Tickets will cost you about $12 USD one way.


If you have an aversion to buses, you can always take a taxi/shuttle and/or share the trip with a fellow traveler(s). Taxis are easy to find, as you will be accosted by taxi drivers and/or their representatives when you exit the airport. The trip will cost around $45 USD one way.

A slightly more expensive option is to book a taxi before you arrive. If you choose this option, expect to spend around $65 USD one way.

Ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel

When you arrive in Playa del Carmen (both the bus and taxi will drop you off near the bus terminal), head towards the beach. Walk along the beach past a small plaza to find the ferry terminal, about a 10 min walk. If you have heavy bags, hire a tricycle porter for about $2 USD to help you.

Ferries to Cozumel run from 6am-11pm, every hour except later at night. Buy a ticket at one of the kiosks as you walk towards the terminal. The trip is about $12-15 USD (220-250 pesos), depending on the ferry company, each way (tourist fare).

In Cozumel, the ferry will drop you off in the middle of downtown. From there, get a taxi to Residencias Reef. The current fare with a tip is around $12 USD (200 pesos)

As always, write to us if you have any questions.