Residencias Reef Amenities


There are two community pools — one on the beachfront of the property and another one by Building 3. Follow the pool rules posted by the pools. No lifeguards are provided at either the pools or on the beach.

There are public toilets located by the main pool, as well as two cold water showers and two freshwater tanks filled daily to wash the salt residue off your dive equipment. The showers and freshwater tanks are located at the foot of the stairs on both sides of the seaside pool.


Beach, palapas, and beach chairs are available for use by Residencias Reef condo owners and their guests on a first come, first served basis. In Mexico, the first 20 meters (about 60 feet) of beach from the high tide line is federal property with unrestricted access. The Residencias Reef private beach extends roughly to the first line of palapas. Again, no lifeguards are provided at the beach, so swim/snorkel cautiously.

Be aware and vigilant of wild animals living in or visiting the area. Most of them are harmless, but in some cases, they may not be people-friendly or even be dangerous.

Rooftop Solarium

There is a solarium on the roof of Building 4. Feel free to use it during the posted hours. Sunset views from there are spectacular.


Please park in the designated parking areas. There is no charge for parking. 


The pier next door is the property of the Secrets Aura Hotel. However, it is available for Residencias Reef owners and their guests for their enjoyment and boarding diving/fishing boats. In the latter case, a daily fee of $10 is collected for each person unless you use a dive shop associated with the hotel. You may purchase a $10 bracelet at the Residencias Reef gatehouse to show that you have paid for the right to board a boat from the pier.

Hotel Passes

Hotels to the north (to the right when facing the water) of Residencias offer various discounted passes for owners and guests of Residencias Reef. A pass includes access to the facility, food and drinks for consumption on-site during the past period, activities of the hotel, non-motorized aquatic sports, use of pool towels, taxes, and tips. If you purchase a night pass, it does not include access to specialty restaurants.

Here are the current (2021) prices:

Secrets Aura

Day Pass $128 (7 AM - 5 PM)

Night Pass $99 (6 PM - 1 AM)

Sunscape Sabor

Full-Day Pass $65 (7 AM - 11 PM)

Partial Day Pass $60 (9 AM - 5 PM)

Night Pass $65 (5 PM - 11 PM)

Sunday Brunch $47 (11:30 AM - 4 PM)

Kids 0 - 3 Complementary

Kids 3 - 12 $34

Youth 13 - 17 $47

Condo Amenities


Living Room: Samsung 50’’ SmartTV with Amazon FireTV Stick providing complimentary Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBOMax, AppleTV, Amazon Music, and Thunder TV app featuring American, Mexican, Canadian, and other international live programming, movies, sports, etc. Feel free to use your personal accounts to access other TV apps, but please do not change already set users/passwords. See separate instructions in the binder for using the Thunder TV app.

Bedroom: SmartTV with complimentary Netflix and Amazon Prime. Feel free to use your personal accounts to access other TV apps, but again, please do not change already set users/passwords.

Air Conditioning

There are two separate air conditioning units — one in the living room and another in the bedroom. Remote controls operate them. For detailed instructions, see the LG AC manual in the binder.

Drinking Water Dispenser

Do not drink tap water. Drink the purified water provided. We also advise using purified water for tooth brushing, cooking, making ice cubes, and rinsing foods. Use the water dispenser for all your drinking water needs. It provides either room temperature or chilled water.

Water for the dispenser is provided in 20 L refillable tanks. To replace a tank (when the red indicator light is on), open the door in the lower portion of the dispenser, remove the empty tank, gently remove the water line inserted into the tank, insert the line into a full tank, and slide the full tank inside the dispenser.

Drinking Water Delivery

Drinking water is supplied on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. In the unlikely event that you need more drinking water than was provided for you in the condo (usually three tanks), put an empty tank outside the door. The empty tank will be replaced by a full tank for 38 pesos per tank. If you might be away when the delivery man arrives, you can leave the money in a plastic bag attached to the tank with a rubber band.


The range operates by touch buttons. The on / off switch is on the left side. Select a burner and use + - to adjust the temperature. Go back to 0 to turn off the burner. Touch the on / off switch to turn off all the burners. Burners may turn off automatically when a pot is positioned over the buttons or the wet surface.


Use the left knob to set up the mode of operation and the right knob to set up the temperature. For detailed instructions, see the oven manual in this binder.

Microwave Oven With Browner

Turn the knob to set up cooking time and press the Start button. For detailed instructions, see the microwave oven manual in this folder.


Plug the grill into the electric outlet using the cord provided. The grill rack can be cleaned in the kitchen sink. 


Turn the power on and press one of the buttons to select the desired wash mode. Dishwashing detergent is located under the sink.

Kitchen Equipment


Coffee maker and French press

Electric kettle


Handheld beater

Pots and frying pans — right side under the sink

Plates, cups, glasses -- cabinets above the counter

Cutting boards, baking trays — lower, narrow cabinet

Plastic containers, etc. — cabinet above the refrigerator

Wine, cocktail, shot glasses, etc.— cabinet at the end of kitchen bar.

We also provide fresh sponges, dishwashing detergent, and anti-bacterial drops to wash fruits and vegetables.


See instructions on the front panel of the drier.

Shopping Bags

Grocery stores no longer provide free shopping bags. Reusable bags are on the hook to the right of the front hall table.

Iron, Distilled Water, Spray Bottle, and Ironing Board

In the bedroom closet

Safe Box

In the bedroom closet.

To set up your personal lock code:

        Open the safe door wide.

        Look for the battery compartment and open it.

        Press the small red button located inside the battery compartment (pointed to by the red arrow).

        After hearing two beeps, use the numeric keypad to set your lock code (4 to 8 digits) and press Enter. A tune will be played, indicating that the code was accepted. Memorize or write down the code you set.

    To unlock the safe, use the numbered keypad to enter the lock code you set, followed by the 🔑 (key) button.

    If you forget the code, contact the guest manager to open the safe with an emergency key.

    Beach Towels

    In the black credenza in the living room.

    Air Mattress and Pump

    In the black credenza in the living room.

    Extra Bed Sheets

    In the chest at the foot of the bed in the bedroom.

    Extra Pillows and Blanket

    Two extra pillows on the upper shelf of the bedroom closet.

    Two extra pillows and blanket in the righthand side of the black credenza in the living room.

    Yoga/Gym Pads

    Feel free to use the thick yoga/gym pads for stretching, yoga, and workouts. Wipe them with disinfecting wipes after each use.

    They also work well as extra padding on the pull-out sofa.

    Pull-Out Sofa

    Pull out the sofa extension by the attached handles. Pull up and out on the second set of extensions to form a queen-sized bed. Pillows, sheets, and blankets are stored in the black credenza in the living room.

    Garbage / Recycling

    Garbage collection containers are located on the left side of the staircase when facing the building. There are separate containers for recyclable glass and aluminum cans. Please separate recycling.


    Due to Mexican plumbing standards, toilet pipes in Mexico have a small diameter. The sewer pipes cannot handle toilet paper well. Putting toilet paper or other items in the toilet leads to pipe clogging and other unpleasant consequences. Even if you think it is pretty gross, because it is, please discard all toilet paper, sanitary items, wipes, and anything except human waste in the garbage can. Please do not put anything other than human waste in the toilet. This is true throughout Mexico and in many other foreign countries. Thank you for understanding.

    Alternatively, you can use the bidet-type sprayer attached to the toilet tank.

    There are public toilets located by the main pool.

    Complementary use of bicycles, tandem kayak, and paddle boards.


    The bikes on the balcony and helmets are available for your use and enjoyment. If you would like to use one or both of the bicycles, please ask the Guest Manager to provide you with the key to unlock the bikes and access to helmets.

    Please wear a helmet and use the bicycles responsibly and safely. We are not liable for any injuries or damages resulting from you using the bicycles.

    Please remember to lock the bicycles always, no matter where, whether in town, in remote locations, or by the beach. You can attach the lock to the bike rack on the back of the bicycle. Do not leave the bicycle(s) unattended. For example, if you ride to a restaurant, bar, or beach club, lock the bike (s) near you or the location staff.

    The paved coastal road doubles as a bike path. Traffic is restricted to bicycles only, starting at Palancar Beach, going south (if you turn right out of the gate and go towards Punta Sur), and along the east coast. There are also dedicated bike paths on the road leading to town.

    Again, please be cautious, be aware of traffic, ride safely, and enjoy.

    Tandem Kayak and Paddle Boards

    A tandem kayak is available for your use upon request. It has a capacity for two people. Comfortably padded seats clip in front and back.

    Two inflatable stand-up paddle boards (SUP) are available for use upon request. When not used, the boards are stored deflated in bags under the bed. You can use a manual or electric pump to inflate them. The electric pump can be either plugged into the power outlet or battery-operated. If you drain the battery, please recharge it before leaving. Do not overinflate the boards. Maximum pressure is 15 Psi, but because of the air and water temperature, 12-13 Psi is usually sufficient. During your stay, you can keep the boards at the board racks but use the provided locks to lock them up when not used. Please rinse the boards with fresh water, deflate them, and store them in the bags under the beds before you leave.

    Please ask the Guest Manager to show you where the kayak and boards are stored in the board racks, provide the combination to the lock, and provide access to life vests, seats, and paddles.

    Before using the kayak or the boards, note the weather conditions, if it is likely to rain, how strongly the wind is blowing., etc. Be aware of the currents (usually from south to north) and waves. Please do not use the kayak and boards under conditions that might make it dangerous or render it difficult to return to Residencias Reef. 

    When you choose to spend time out in the kayak, plan your trip carefully. Bring and drink plenty of fresh water and sunscreen, and re-apply it frequently.

    Please exercise caution and wear life vests when using the kayak and stand-up paddle boards. Wear clothing that protects from sunburn. Water reflects the sun and can burn much faster than you might expect.

    When you launch the kayak or the boards, you might be able to locate a small channel between the rocks. Even so, we recommend wearing water shoes to protect your feet when you launch the kayak. Look for rocks in the water when you launch. Note landmarks so that when you return and go ashore, you avoid the rocks that may damage the equipment (especially board fins).

    If you go south (turn left when the beach is at your back), you will find beach clubs and some deserted stretches of beach.

    When you have finished with the kayak or the boards, please return them to the board rack at the location where you found them and lock them back up. (Residencias Reef groundskeepers and staff are not responsible for our personal recreational equipment.)

    We are not liable for any injuries or damages resulting from you using the kayak or the boards.